WordPress Subsite Plugin

Create robust subsites in WordPress without the need for a WordPress network or separate WordPress installations.

Two browser frames showing a main WordPress website and its associated subsite
Swap out Site Logo for Specific Pages

Set a custom logo for certain sections of your WordPress site.

Custom Menus for WordPress Subsites

Your subsite will show different menus than the main site - just choose which menus to show.

Search Only Within a Subsite

If a user searches from within a subsite, only results for that subsite will be returned.

WordPress Subsite Plugin Features

The Subsite plugin gives the illusion of a “site-within-a-site”, where a different logo, menus, navigation, and search results are displayed when browsing a section of your site. You can use this plugin for departments, sub-brands, centers, and programs to get the user experience of having their own site, but all managed within the parent site.

Easy Install

No dependencies, no configuration - just install and go!

Configure as Many Subsites as you Need

Simply add a Subsite the way you would add any WordPress post, and the plugin automagically changes the layout for pages assigned to that subsite

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